… bet that got your attention!

We’re dropping the UK from our legal company name for various reasons, nothing else. Of course the UK remains our home and most important market.

The Ziron shareholders recently passed a resolution to change some company names which was processed by Companies House in the last few days. The rationale is partly because of expansion into the USA and Australia but also because there has historically been some confusion.

The company you all deal with, as valued customers or suppliers was always Ziron (UK) Limited. Ziron Limited was a dormant subsidiary. You can easily see how confusion reigned. Oh, if only we had a pound for each time we had to explain that we weren’t some fly-by-nights that had a dormant company…

Anyway, Ziron (UK) Limited was renamed Ziron Limited. Ziron Limited became TelcoAPI Limited and remains dormant.

Just like when you get married and change your name but you are still the same legal person with the same NI number, same employment contract, same credit card debt etc, all of your and our contracts, rights and obligations remain precisely the same. Everyone is still contracted with the company whose number is 07597853; there is absolutely no change to any relationship whatsoever, other than the UK (and some brackets) being dropped from the name.

As and when, if you could update your records that would be appreciated! Don’t worry, we won’t be awkward about any invoices we receive to the old company name for a while.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] and our team will respond to anything arising.