Here at Ziron we remember what it’s like starting out. You want attractive rates, a simple to understand commercial model and services delivered in a way that you can do it all yourself, and in no time at all…

Then you discover the hidden headaches behind many services non-telco people take for granted, like number portability. Forgetting the added complexity of IPEX or NGN ports, a huge challenge for the entire UK telecoms industry is geographic number portability. This seemingly simple process requires a lot of work behind the scenes, and can generate significant administrative overhead.

Having spent almost a decade working with these porting processes, we know these headaches only too well. That’s why we’ve made available UK single-line and multi-line geographic number porting as a self-service function via our intuitive dashboard. The logic behind the scenes, including data validation against private and public datasets, helps catch many common mistakes for our customers – which in turn helps reduce the number of port rejections. The dashboard also makes it easy to track pending ports, with realtime notifications via email.

If APIs are more your thing, we’re opening up the same REST APIs that powers our porting dashboard for early access testing. Email our support team with your details and we’ll get you on board.