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There's something fishy about UK number porting...

Posted by Ziron on 15-Aug-2018 20:31:36
There is no denying that, for the most part, the number portability regime in the UK is in need of some love and attention. It’s riddled with problems and is often exploited by those with nefarious intent to un-level the playing field.

Here at Ziron, we don’t want to leverage that situation for our own personal gain. Unlike some in the industry, we don’t want to charge our customers through the nose for honest mistakes.

Peel back the mask of virtue from some of our competitors, and you find some interesting facts.
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No Strings Attached!

Posted by Ziron on 02-Jul-2018 10:29:13

No Strings Attached! It’s a phrase we often hear. Slick marketing campaigns offering a utopian view of the world. "No Contract" they shout, whilst slyly getting a recurring authorisation to debit your card every month.

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