We’d like to make you aware of a few changes we are making here at Ziron. Firstly, apologies, it’s been a busy couple months and there’s a fair amount to get through!

UK Geographic Numbers

The 0207 range continues to be in high demand. There are no more numbers to be allocated by Ofcom and our own stocks are slowly dwindling. To that end, from 1st October 2018, we are increasing the monthly charge for new allocations of 0207 numbers to £1.00 / €1.20 / $1.60 / AU$1.80 per number. Wholesale Tariff customers will get a 50% reduction on those fees and any remaining Golden Numbers we have in the 0207 range will remain POA. Don’t worry, numbers allocated before 1st October 2018 are not affected by this change.

Malformed CLI

To help our customers maintain compliance with Ofcom General Condition C6, we will be rejecting outbound calls with an invalid presentation number (CLI) from 1st October 2018. We are aware that there are fringe cases where this may interfere with legitimate traffic; if this affects you, please raise a ticket and we can vary the settings, if appropriate, on an endpoint by endpoint basis, however, downstream operators will be implementing their own GC C6 compliance and we cannot control what they do with calls with malformed CLIs.

We are also introducing the ability to reject inbound calls with an invalid or missing presentation number. This can be configured on an endpoint by endpoint basis via the Ziron dashboard or API.

Emergency Services

With the launch of our 999 API and integration for the UK, we’ve spotted a little tidying up that needs doing. Occasionally calls made trigger investigations for various (alleged) breaches of technical and regulatory obligations, so a charge of £40 per investigation shall be introduced from 1st October 2018 (£25 for Wholesale Tariff customers). These investigations can be in-depth and are serious, so we hope you understand the need to recover a little of our time when they occur. However, if it turns out to be not the fault of you or your customers (i.e. an upstream issue) then this will of course be credited back.

Rounding and Minimum Call Durations

Here’s some good news. In keeping with our mission to be as open and transparent and as flexible as possible, we are introducing some changes to our rounding policies.

On the Wholesale Tariff you will have a choice of 3 decimal places and no minimum call charge or 4 decimal places and a £0.001 (or currency equivalent) minimum call charge. All Wholesale Tariff customers will be defaulted to 3 decimal places and no minimum call charge from 1st October 2018 and can change, free of charge, to the other by raising a ticket by 31st December 2018. Thereafter, you can change as much as you like upon payment of a £25 admin fee. Changes will take effect on 0001 UTC the following UK working day.

On the Standard Tariff, the default will remain 4 decimal places and £0.01 (or currency equivalent) minimum call charge.

And finally…

As ever the background noise of voice rate changes here and there is available on the dashboard, which has been cleaned up and made a little more transparent.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact Ziron support (Wholesale Tariff customers contact your account manager).