No Strings Attached! It’s a phrase we often hear. Slick marketing campaigns offering a utopian view of the world. “No Contract” they shout, whilst slyly getting a recurring authorisation to debit your card every month.

At Ziron, we have a different philosophy; we don’t have the memory of a goldfish and we remember where we came from. Telecommunications is an industry with high barriers of entry, but with Ziron as your wholesale partner, it doesn’t have to be that way. We were once a telecoms start up too and we know the pain.

Minimum channel commitments. Minimum spends. Minimum top ups. Three year contracts.

As a Ziron customer, if you want to top up a penny, you can. I mean, the finance team are likely to have a giggle around the water cooler, but it’s really absolutely fine. Number rentals are on a rolling 30 day term; we don’t charge an admin fee for small top ups, we don’t have any minimum commitments – be that volume, capacity or spend and we don’t have minimum terms in our contracts.

On the wholesale tariff, FlexiChannels® take away the headache of capacity management and are also now available without a monthly minimum commitment.

What’s more, we’ll give anyone that signs up £3 / €3.50 / $4 on their account to play with. It never expires, so test our APIsdashboardcall qualitySMS or subscriber intelligence for yourself with absolutely no strings attached. Left an account dormant for a while? If you need it, ask our support team nicely and we’ll apply the test credit again and help you get you back on track.

This isn’t just a slick marketing trick; this philosophy is part of the Ziron DNA and we’ll put it into writing to any customer that asks at any time.