We’ve been working on some new features for our Inbound SIP service that we’d like to share with you.

First up, CLI Format.

Traditionally we’ve passed through Caller ID information ‘raw’, as we receive it from our operator partners and interconnects. On the whole that has been in E164 format, but we haven’t been able to guarantee this.

With the new CLI Format on SIP endpoints, you can now choose the way we present Caller ID to you for inbound calls.  Whilst the ‘raw’ option is still available, you can now additionally choose from one of the following options:


Caller ID is validated and presented in E164 format, for instance +447700900000 or +12125550100.


A number of our customers offer hosted VoIP services, and offer customers the ability to return calls based on the Caller ID. To simplify this (and to unify how Caller ID is displayed), you can now choose to have the Caller ID on inbound calls presented in national format for the country of the called number.

Here’s a a couple of examples:

A caller with Caller ID of +442079460000 would now show

  • Calling a UK number:  02079460000
  • Calling a French number: 00442079460000
  • Calling a US number: 011442079460000

A caller with Caller ID of +12125550100 would now show

  • Calling a UK number: 0012125550100
  • Calling a French number: 0012125550100
  • Calling a US number: 12125550100


Speaking of countries and Caller ID, our second new feature – CLI Location – takes the guesswork out of identifying where a call is originating from. The service (currently in beta) will put caller location information in the Caller Name field – the country name if the call is international, or the area (and state, where applicable) if the call is domestic. For example:

A caller with Caller ID of +442079460000 gives

  • Calling a UK number:  “London”
  • Calling a French number: “United Kingdom”
  • Calling a US number: “United Kingdom”

A caller with Caller ID of +12125550100 would now show

  • Calling a UK number: “United States”
  • Calling a French number: “United States”
  • Calling a US number: “New York, NY”

At present, only English is supported – we’ll be adding other languages later on in the beta.

If you’re an existing Ziron customer, you can change these settings via the Ziron dashboard under Resources > Endpoints and by clicking ‘edit’ on the relevant endpoint:

Inbound SIP Endpoint Settings

Or via the Endpoints API using the cli_location and cli_format fields.

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