With HSBC continuing to make legal changes to their UK operations and causing another update to BIC, IBAN and sort codes on the 17th March 2018, we are taking this opportunity to update you on banking arrangements.

If you pay for your Ziron services via bank transfer, please read the below information carefully as payments made with the wrong account details may be delayed, or in some cases, fail to reach us.

GBP prepaid customers: As a reminder following our previous update, there are now separate payment details for UK customers (Transferwise) and non-UK customers (HSBC) – please ensure you use the correct account. Non-UK customers are also reminded that the HSBC GBP account BIC and IBAN were changed last year. Details can be found on the Ziron dashboard.

EUR prepaid customers: From 17th March 2018, we will no longer be accepting payments to our HSBC EUR account. Details of our Transferwise EUR account can be found on the Ziron dashboard. Any payments sent to the HSBC EUR account after 17th March 2018 will not reach us.

USD prepaid customers: Non US-based customers using the HSBC USD account, please note that from 17th March 2018 the BIC and IBAN are changing – details can be found on the Ziron dashboard. US-based customers using our US-based Transferwise US dollar account are unaffected by these changes.

AUD customers: As per previous communications directly to those affected, following the closure of the HSBC AUD account in December 2017 we now only accept bank payments in AUD to our local Australian Transferwise account.

In all cases, don’t forget to include your Ziron account number as a reference for payments made to any account. If you’re using an intermediary, such as CurrencyCloud, it does not always reliably come through. If you haven’t received an invoice for a pre-payment within one working day of sending it, please raise a support ticket and we will investigate.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please get in touch.