Ziron opening hours for Christmas and New Year 2017/18 are as follows:

Friday 22nd December: Normal hours (9am-5pm UK time)

Saturday 23rd – Tuesday 26th December: Closed

Wednesday 27th – Friday 29th December: Normal hours (9am-5pm UK time)

Saturday 30th – Monday 1st January: Closed

If you have a support query during this time, please use the normal procedures outlined on our standard support service level agreement page. Please also ensure that you have sufficient funds in your prepaid account as UK banks will also be closed during the above periods.

In addition, our number porting desk will be closed from Friday 22nd December to Monday 1st January. No new ports will be submitted during this period, and any ports submitted that would normally complete during this period will have their porting date delayed until after Monday 1st January.