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Voice rates update 2019-04-01

Posted by Ziron on 25-Mar-2019 20:52:57

We will be updating our voice rates and prefixes on 1st April 2019.

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We’re dropping the UK...

Posted by Ziron on 07-Feb-2019 19:58:53

… bet that got your attention!

We’re dropping the UK from our legal company name for various reasons, nothing else. Of course the UK remains our home and most important market.

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Voice rates update 2019-01-10

Posted by Ziron on 03-Jan-2019 20:48:48

We will be updating our voice rates and prefixes on 10th January 2019.

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REMINDER: Christmas and New Year 2018/19 opening hours

Posted by Ziron on 17-Dec-2018 16:07:00

As a reminder to our previous post, our office hours and porting desk availability will be different between Monday 24th December and Tuesday 1st January.

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Updated USD bank transfer details for US customers

Posted by Ziron on 14-Dec-2018 16:40:05

We've just been advised by our banking provider (Transferwise) that they are making a small change to our US-based USD bank account from 1st January 2019, which will result in to the account holder name required when making payments.

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